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Teeny and I adopted Bella from the RSPCA in July 2007. We saw her picture on their “Adopt A Pet” page on their website. She was 6 months old at the time, and we didn’t think she’d been mistreated, because when we went to meet her she was very friendly and did a whole lot of leg rubbing and purring. Not sure of her breed, but we think she’s an Oriental, with some Siamese, although she doesn’t talk that much, which is symptomatic of the Oriental. We think she is the smartest cat in the word. She knows about physics

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And if I had been the lad-in-waiting for so long, I would do exactly the same thing! Ten out of ten for strategy… Sun Tzu would be very proud. Firstly, I would let anyone who thinks they are a potential Liberal Party leader to step up and have a go. You watch them implode. You want them to run out puff before you take up the reins. You don’t want challengers while you are there – you want to eliminate any opposition. Brendan Nelson fancied himself as a bit of a goer, and he went. Watch Malcolm Turnbull disappear very

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There is a line out of the movie He’s Just Not That Into You that resonated with me.  It went something along the lines of that you have to keep checking a whole lot of different portals just to get rejected and it’s exhausting! While I’m not getting rejected, I do think keeping up with all the social media is quite an effort.  Here’s an inventory of all my online stuff that I’ve got to keep checking and updating on a regular basis – some more than others: Blogs – three of them Websites -two of them Facebook – one

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I went with my sister to see Dan Willis. He was part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival line-up. The brochure looked promising: “Crowd Pleaser” it said. He was British, and generally British comedians are quite funny, so I thought it would be a pretty safe bet. After all, the Brits brought us The Goodies, Blackadder and Yes Minister! Wrong! While he was funny in bits, I ended up gritting my teeth and feeling really uncomfortable and quite squeamish. He talked about sex ALOT. It reminded me of when I used to teach high school, and I used to say to

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