The Big One Six - Driving Miss Teeny

The Big One Six

Daughter is turning 16 next week. “When did that happen?” I asked her. She looked at me disparagingly. “1993, Mum!”

The first thing she will be doing is getting here Learner’s Permit. Yikes! My baby driving a car!

But it’s not her I worry about (although, of course, I will worry) – it’s the other idiots on the road. And there are a lot of them. Going on my estimation, which is based on thorough, valid and rigourous research (i.e. my experience), around 99.9% of people driving on the roads today are morons.

She asked me if I would give her a driving lesson. I told her I had a policy that I developed before she was even born. “What is it?” she asked.

“Never give driving lessons to anyone you’ve given birth to,” was my reply.

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