Trust… or an iPad?

This is the sixth in a series of posts from hand-picked guest bloggers about trust. The idea was kicked off by me rewatching Game of Thrones and thinking about its twin themes of power and trust.  

My sixth guest blogger is Natascha Dowsett, who I  first met on Twitter and, I’m proud to say, has since become a real life friend.  Natascha has worked in feature films, hospitality, recruitment and communications. An entrepreneur, she owns a Big Picture PR and Social Media for Sales Superstars. You can also find her on Twitter as @TaschaD and she’d love you to say hello!


An iPad or trust? I know this sounds like such a silly question, but these days, have you noticed how many job advertisements are quick to say they will give away an iPad if you apply for and win the position? Nowhere in the ad, though, is there any mention of  respect and trust.

I’m confused because I’d like to know why an iPad replaces 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of a great boss and an encouraging work environment?

In my opinion, respect and trust are the two most important things in any relationship and you and your boss are in a relationship, albeit a working one. You, your boss and work colleagues see each other more than you see your family.

Respect and trust are crucial to the effectiveness – and enjoyment – of these relationships.

A new job is full of promise and expectations. I make a promise to my employer to be the best, and expect a decent working environment in return. It starts with that electric feeling of confidence that races through your body when you are told you are hired. We start in our new role thinking that this will be the best job we’ve ever had. We think we have finally found our dream boss.  A dream boss who listens to our ideas and has no problem giving us the recognition for our hard work. A dream boss who doesn’t shut down new creative concepts, but offers positive criticism so that we can come back next time with a clear understanding of what they want. A dream boss who doesn’t shout us to coffee all the time, but does share their wisdom and their experience. Our dream boss isn’t shallow, isn’t rude, isn’t jealous but is a true manager: organised and experienced, with a wealth of knowledge to help guide us.

I have rarely experienced this dream boss. In my many years of employment and in the numerous positions I’ve held, I have found that there are less than a handful of managers I respect and trust. How sad is that? I have had them all: from a psychopath, to a charismatic thief and liar, right down to the dull and boring, no-talent and no-ambition boss.

In fact, out of all the jobs I’ve been in,  I can honestly say I have only had one boss that I trust and respect.

When I think about it, I find it sad that trust and respect are in such short supply in the workplace, yet iPad giveaways are a dime a dozen.

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  1. Boy howdy, how true that is. A good boss is as hard to find as a rare gem. With a good boss, trust is always inherent. 🙂

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