Thirty five things that make me happy

This post was inspired by Caitlin Kelly’s posts about all the things that make her happy. I got to thinking: there are ALOT of things that get up my nose (Australian for really annoying) and I am generally quite vocal about them. But I liked the idea of embracing the concept of mindfulness and appreciation, and keeping a perpetual list of things that make me happy. So here goes. List one.

1) Taking a really, really, really good picture.
2) Having that really, really, really good picture printed as a canvas, prominently displayed in my lounge room.
3) Making other people laugh when I drop a cracker of a one liner (Australian for being spontaneously witty via a clever play on words).
4) Laughing at someone else’s cracker of a one liner.
5) A deep, meaningful, authentic conversation with someone interesting.
6) Still occasionally being noticed by appealing, attractive men.
7) Soonta cabbage salad, tossed with slow cooked pork and crackling, and finished with tiger* dressing.
8) Walking.
9) Running.
10) Slothing around in my pyjamas, watching excellent TV or reading.
11) Rain and wind on slothful days.

12) The smell of freshly ground coffee.
13) Chocolate self-saucing puddings with thick cream.
14) Peanut paste combined with chocolate, preferably as key ingredients of ice cream.
15) Accolades from the audience when I sing well at karaoke.
16) Hugging my daughter when I get off a plane from anywhere.
17) Hugging my cat.
18) Seeing my name on a sign as I exit customs in an airport of a country I’ve never been to.
19) Seeing my luggage at the end of a 20+ hours flight that had a couple of connections.
20) Writing a clever and funny Facebook or Twitter status update.

21) Salmon.
22) Clean sheets.
23) A clean house.
24) Neighbours who don’t block my driveway, or kick balls against my fence.
25) A good night’s sleep, especially after a bad night’s sleep.
26) Alcohol in general, but specifically mojitos, Long Island iced teas, Singapore Slings, extra dirty martinis with two olives, Pimm’s and lemonade, Hollick Wines Chardonnay, Banrock Station White Shiraz, and Wirra Wirra Church Block.
27) Being on the receiving end of good manners, courtesy and emotional intelligence.
28) Hopping on the scale and seeing that I’ve lost a kilo.
29) Music from the eighties.
30) Soaking in a long, hot bath.
31) Making another Kiva loan.

32) Watching anything with Tom Hardy in it.
33) A cup of tea.
34) Learning or finding out about something new.
35) My gadgets, particularly my iPhone and camera.

* no tigers are ever harmed in the making of Soonta salad dressing.

8 thoughts on “Thirty five things that make me happy

  1. So important to know what makes us happy, sometimes its the small things that put a smile on your face! For me its a big hug from my nephews, so genuine and heart warming! Or a big piece of chocolate cake haha!

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