The theme of my soul*

Warning: this post is a bit new-agey and philosophical!

I have a theory. It is yet to be tested, and to be honest, I have no idea how this theory can be either confirmed or denied, because it’s to do with your soul, spirit, essence, consciousness… call it what you will.

My theory is this: before we take human form, our essence decides what “theme” it would like to experience as a human. It could be hardship, or celebrity, or addiction, or ill-health, or deception, or joy, or poverty, or racism, or happiness. You get the picture. That theme is then played out in your human form until the essence returns from whence it came i.e. you die.

I think this is so, because if I analyse my life (and the lives of other people) there is a consistent theme – mine is betrayal – which causes me to react whenever I feel or believe I am being betrayed. In fact, I find myself in situations where being betrayed is the only option. I’m sure psychologists would say that it’s all linked to my dysfunctional childhood etc. but what if my parents were chosen by me (before I was born) to experience this theme? What if all the people who are in my life were pre-chosen so that I could experience it? What if nothing ever happens by accident? What if everything in your life is always predestined?

When you talk in themes, things start making a whole lot of sense.  Suddenly, you can understand why people behave and choose and experience what they do, and more to the point, why bad things happen to good people. It perhaps explains why some people live a charmed life and others a tragic existence. And why some people prevail against unimaginable odds and others drown in a sea of entitlement. Perhaps there are themes that people experience collectively like revolution and natural disasters and war and poverty. Maybe “God” is just the event organiser, coordinating themes for a shared experience.

We are always told to find our passion, but instead of thinking about finding your passion, or your life’s work, maybe it’s better to work out what your theme is? Being self-aware enough to recognise it could be the ultimate journey in enlightenment. Maybe knowing what your theme is could, in fact, make you and your life a lot more zen. I’m not suggesting less tragic or better, just easier to deal with, because you are more accepting of the circumstances in which you find yourself, whatever they are. Maybe this is the secret to true happiness.

I’m not saying that this theory is correct, or isn’t an oversimplification, but it does one give food for thought.

* This piece was originally posted to my Tumblr. In an effort to consolidate in 2012,  I have reblogged it here today.

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