Creative writing and secret lives

Writers write about creative writing Regular readers will know that over the last 18 months—yes, it’s been that long since it started!—I’ve been running a series by writers, for writers, on their approach to creative writing, with a special focus on how they fit writing into their busy lives. I am super pleased to announce that The Secret […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Aniko Carmean

Aniko Carmean is a Virginia girl living in Austin, Texas. She writes stories and novels in a variety of genres, including horror, science fiction, and literary-artsy. Her definition of success involves stickers, giving away free versions of everything she writes, and dwelling in the beauty of the literary community rather than the anxiety of selfish […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Karen Banes

Karen Banes is a writer, editor, indie author, wife, mother, truth seeker and trouble maker. She’s lived, worked and studied in five countries on three continents. She mainly writes non-fiction, dabbles in short fiction and dreams of writing a dystopian future novel. She loves connecting with other writers and indie authors and shares an awful […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Libby Parker

Libby Parker is a teacher of English, Drama, Media Studies and life lessons, a qualified journalist who loves the arts, and a performer who dreams of an occasion to drop the mic. Libby lives in Adelaide with her husband, two gorgeous step-children and a high maintenance cat. You can find her at The Upside News. […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Jillian Schedneck

Jillian Schedneck is the author of the travel memoir Abu Dhabi Days, Dubai Nights, published by Pan Macmillan in 2012. She received her PhD in Gender Studies from the University of Adelaide in 2013, for which is won the University Doctoral Medal. Her first novel is called Hungry for the World and Its Glow. You […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – M.J. Ernest

M.J. Ernest lives with his wife and Golden Retriever in Chicago. He’s written pieces that have made it to print, but it’s still on his bucket list to earn the official title of “published author.” His current writing project is a murder mystery novel he feels has the best chance for checking that item off […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Ronnie Roberts

Ronnie was born in Chilliwack, which isn’t as fun as it sounds. After traveling the world, she is happily settled in Northern Canada with family—both human and canine—writing and painting. You can contact Ronnie via her her website or email, and you can purchase her books on Amazon. I am a writer. Just saying it makes me […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts writes about sex, travel, writing, and ninjas—though not necessarily in that order. As the author of the “V for Vixen” sex column, Laura began her career chronicling Montrealers’ sexcapades, which are collected together in her book of essays, The Vixen Files. Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, she’s also penned Confessions of a […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Panos Dionysopoulos

Panos Dionysopoulos is an Adelaide author who lives with his wife Margie and Burmese cat Minkah. He has been trying to edit three novels at once as well as finding the time to write more in general, whilst attempting not to fall into poverty or get lost inside his head. You can find out more about Panos […]