Free ebook to inspire you to win NaNoWriMo

Free to download during national novel writing month! As far as I am concerned—if you register and write—you win NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) even if you don’t make 50,000 words. No questions asked! And I say that because I know writing is one of the most difficult things anyone can do. Life—and all that that entails—often […]

Hire a copywriter – me!

Looking for a copywriter for your next project? Your search is over. You’ve found your copywriter. It’s me. Yes, me! And this little video explains why you should hire me for your next copywriting or editing project. Oodles of experience and high standards I’m a freelance copywriter with oodles of experience, high standards and someone […]

How do writers juggle life and art?

I stumbled onto an interesting article on Salon recently. The premise of the article was that wealth (either family inherited, or married into it) enables the careers of quite a few writers, and that many of these writers don’t acknowledge the fact that they are privileged. They can just write without the need to worry […]

Life’s disappointments (Part 2)

I wrote the first part of this post back in March 2014. Thought it was about time I finished it off! My career has been an endless succession of ultimately unsatisfying jobs In the late 1980s, I left a series of bank jobs and temporary employment, and got myself university edumacated at the ripe old […]

Love & Other Stuff – an update

I wanted to give you all an update of where I’m up to with Love & Other Stuff. It’s been a fascinating project to work on and I’m glad I made the decision to go ahead with the book. I will be more or less able to stick to my revised publication time frame of February 2015, barring […]