How to live a big, messy, satisfying, happy life

Regular readers will know that my relationship with my mother was fraught, to say the least. It was characterised by restriction and control and violence. And fear. An overwhelming fear that I was not safe, would never be safe. And that I was not enough. Would never be enough. Of course, this is was from […]

Why I’ve been quiet lately…

In my last post waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of November, I mentioned that I would be in Vietnam for at least three months, volunteering at KOTO, a social enterprises that trains poor and disadvantaged youth in hospitality. My reasons for being here have been well documented, but for those of you who want the Reader’s […]

Fuck this shit!

Fuck It Right Off. After a year of wandering around in a work desert, with a brief respite in only one or two oases, I’m checking out. And by checking out, I mean checking in. For the last three months, I’ve been back in a marketing communications role. Finally, after close to nine months, I […]

Five travel rules that apply to life

After being in India for a few days shy of a month, I am reminded again how travel is a metaphor for life. This trip was every bit as challenging and rewarding as I thought it would be. I came to India with an open mind. I expected nothing and was richly rewarded. I saw […]

India is calling…

The Diane Lee Project will be quiet for a couple of weeks because I will be in India. As always though, I’ll blogging over on my travel blog, the Travelling Homebody if you’d like to follow my escapades*. I’ll probably be posting pics to Instagram and tweeting too. Keep an eye out for a post on […]

My ten favourite purchases 2.0

This is the second part of My ten favourite purchases, which I started writing waaaaaaay back in the beginning of July. 6. My degrees In 1989, when I was 26, I left full-time employment and enrolled in an Arts degree at The University of Adelaide. Coincidentally, 1989 was when the Australian (Labor) Government decided (in […]

Three week hiatus

I won’t be posting to The Diane Lee Project for three weeks, because I will be travelling around Japan, starting in Tokyo and finishing in Osaka. I will, however, be blogging about my trip at The Travelling Homebody if you want to follow along at home. See you in a few weeks, and be kind to each […]

A European vacation

I am currently in Europe, which means I won’t be posting to this blog any time soon. If you are interested though, I am writing about my trip – which includes a three week cruise of the Mediterranean plus a two week tour of Italy – in my travel blog The Travelling Homebody.

My World Tour of the World

I’m a late starter. I’ve only just got a passport at the ripe old age of 46. I’ve always wanted to travel, but in my late teens and twenties I was too busy exploring my immediate world to worry about going further afield. It was the 80s, man, and there was so much fun to […]