Simply the best things (about 2018)

My lovely friend Karen Willis from Sharing Bali and Beyond (I met her when I did a writer’s retreat in Bali a couple of years ago) issued her end-of-year newsletter (you should subscribe because it’s gorgeous and full of inspiration about travel and health and wellness) and something she said struck me. She said — […]

Why I quit teaching

At 29, I decided to become a teacher. I was pregnant with my daughter and needed to do something practical with my Arts degree (silly me for thinking that a tertiary education would open doors! I was even sillier for thinking doors would open for someone with an ordinary Arts degree!). I had always enjoyed […]

Why we need kids to fail

I have worked in and out of education for the last 15 years. My first foray was in my early thirties, when, upon discovering I was going to be a single parent, I thought I’d better do something “practical” with my Arts degree (apart from serving fries with that!). I’d always enjoyed school, and was […]