Oops. I’m *still* making mistakes – Freedom Road #2

This post was originally posted on WFA.Life. The Freedom Road series documents my transition to a more freelance, less corporate working life. I made a couple of rookie errors… I got it wrong. So very, very wrong. And I’m paying for my mistakes. In more ways than one. How could I—a seasoned war horse—make a […]

Monica Lewinsky: I would’ve made the same mistake too…

Monica Lewinsky is someone I didn’t think I’d be writing about on this blog. She of the intern shenanigans and the infamous blue dress and the subsequent less-than-presidential denial from President Clinton. Of course, we all sniggered at the footage of her greeting the President when he was campaigning, and chortled with glee at his […]

What’s my type?

I’m adding “no complications or excess baggage e.g. psychotic ex-wives, needy parents, crazy friends etc.” to this list. I omitted this stipulation, unfortunately, and got stung. Big time. Last week, I was asked the question in relation to men: “What’s your type?”. It’s a really good question. In fact, it’s a question I have been […]