Oops. I’m *still* making mistakes – Freedom Road #2

This post was originally posted on WFA.Life. The Freedom Road series documents my transition to a more freelance, less corporate working life. I made a couple of rookie errors… I got it wrong. So very, very wrong. And I’m paying for my mistakes. In more ways than one. How could I—a seasoned war horse—make a […]

Women, work and advancement: what’s wrong with this picture?

Women, career advancement and success In 2008, I started a PhD. A year later I quit, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about women and work, and what I see happening again and again in workplaces where these young*, educated women work. Where young, educated women overwork in the hope they […]

My dissatisfaction with work

I went to university at age 26 because I thought having tertiary qualifications would mean that I would have better career opportunities. After all, that’s what all the rhetoric said, right? Before that I was worked in banks and took temp jobs to pay the bills. So I graduated from university, clutching my trusty Arts […]