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Like many writers, I don’t make a living from my creativity. Occasionally people are lovely and generous enough to “buy me a coffee” because they enjoy an essay I write, or it resonates with them. I do run ads, and make a little money, but I’m conscious that too many ads can ruin your experience. However, and having said that: if you’re interested in supporting my writing, there are a number of things you can do. I’ve included the direct link because sometimes WordPress plays funny buggers and says links are broken when they aren’t.

1. You can buy me a coffee

I generally post a “buy me a coffee or two” link at the end of each essay. You select how many coffees you’d like to shout me (one is totally  fine!), and this goes to my PayPal link. I’ll be notified that you’ve bought me a coffee, and you’ll even get a receipt. The link looks like this:

2. Donate via PayPal

If you’d like to cut out the middle man, you can donate direct via PayPal here:

3. Buy a book or two

I do have a number of books for sale, namely non-fiction (in the form of memoir) and fiction (in the form of short stories). You can find the link to my books here:

Delicious Publishing

4. Buy something in my Redbubble store

My Redbubble store showcases photos from my international travels. While I don’t earn much (it’s a small commission) I love the idea that you have a print of one of my photos in your home or office, or you’ve given one as a gift.

The link to my store is here:


Image credit: Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay