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Sunday Best is a curated list of awesome articles I’ve read recently that I find enlightening, educational or just plain interesting. This week’s focus is on productivity and it’s something I often struggle with. I like to think I’m productive, but despite my best endeavours, I don’t think I use my time as effectively as I could.

9 productivity tips from the pros

From Harvard Business School comes these 9 tips from people who actually write about productivity, so you’d like to think they know what they’re talking about! My favourites are intentionally leaving important tasks incomplete, and recognising busyness as a lack of focus.

You don’t have a productivity problem…

You have a priority problem and it’s all to do with that never-ending to-do list. Chris Kyle recommends having more than one list in order to prioritise tasks. You might have a list for a side project, a list for jobs that need doing around the house. Once you have your list, then do whatever takes your fancy. Cull tasks that take up too much time for not much benefit.

The bullet journal

I have yet to implement the bullet journal, but it looks like an excellent (analogue) way  to keep track of your to-do list…

Boost your productivity with 8 morning habits

I’m a morning person. Always have been. Even when I go to bed late (which is not often these days), I’m still awake early. However—apart from the mornings I run—I don’t use my time effectively in the morning. I watch the news. Have a leisurely breakfast. Toddle into work. I need to up my game with a better morning routine!

Block off time for “deep” work

I have some HUGE projects I’m working on. My novel for one, and rebranding the Love & Other Stuff series. I have a shitload of courses to get through on Udemy. All these projects require intense brain work. Cal Newport recommends blocking out a solid slab of time for “deep” work and keeping track of how many hours you spend on it a week thereby making you accountable for how you spend your time…

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