Sunday Best – My Best Posts of 2015

Sunday Best is a curated list of awesome articles I’ve read over the past week or so that I find enlightening, educational or just plain interesting. This week’s focus is not on stuff I’ve read, but on stuff I’ve written: my best posts for 2015—the ones that were the most read, and the ones that are my favourites. Enjoy!

Most read posts

Don’t make these 6 self publishing mistakes

Published on August 7, this post about self publishing had close to 1000 views. Disillusioned, I wrote it after I didn’t become the overnight gazillionaire I thought I would once I embarked on this self publishing lark. I also wrote it as a bit of a primer for those first-time authors seeking to gallivant down Amazon’s gilded pathways. It ended up on a few indie publishing websites, hence the number of views.

3 contradictory truths about self publishing

Published on October 10, This was the follow-up post to the Don’t make these 6 self publishing mistakes post, and clocked in views a smidge under 300. This post was about the contradictions inherent in being an independently published author: statements that are both true and false at the same time.

What I’m working on now

Who knew that a post (actually it’s a page) about what I was currently working on would be one of the most viewed  things on my site? Not I! But it is, at just over 200 views.

While these aren’t huge numbers, these stats are validating and heart-warming to me, because I went self-hosted in August. I don’t have the free WordPress ecosystem around to help with traffic—I have to do all that myself. I’m sitting at around 1000 views a month, which I’m happy about. They prove that a) people do visit my site and b) they do read what I write. 

My favourite posts

Choosing life

When my sister informed me that her ex-partner—her daughter’s father—had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, I wrote this post about death, and life, and how to live life fully and richly. And an acknowledgement about how lucky I am to have been born in Australia.

She’s moving out!

My daughter and I have had a fraught relationship over the last couple of years, culminating in a heartbreaking Christmas for me last year. This year, while things have improved, I still feel unappreciated and invisible. An afterthought. When she informed me a couple of months ago that she was moving out next year, I did a happy little dance, but not in the way you think I might have.

Chaos: 3 observations about change from the workplace trenches

I—and my colleagues—have been grappling with workplace change (in the form of restructures, mergers, business transformations and reform) since 2012. None of these changes to the workplace have been effective, unless you count significant cuts to staff numbers and a workforce (the ones who are left) who are increasingly disengaged and unmotivated, as your KPIs. Chaos is the order of the day, unfortunately, and anyone who thinks otherwise is naive or stupid, or both.

The ex-files: to all the men I’ve loved before

After reading THE best book I ever have about dating and relationships, I decided to embark on a history lesson. I analysed the main relationships I’ve had in my adult life through the lens of my attachment style. This was a 4-part series, and revealed (no surprises to anyone who is a regular reader) that I haven’t had a relationship with a man with a secure attachment style since my late teens.

4 lessons learned in Bali

I did not have any intention of going to Bali. Ever. I thought it was somewhere worth missing. But there was a writers retreat I was interested in doing there…

Travelling to Bali was life changing for me. I made new, wonderful friends; made new, wonderful connections, and embarked on a new, wonderful relationship adventure.

And for someone who had no intention of going to Bali on the first place… well, I’ll be going back for another three weeks on New Year’s Day.

Never say never.

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