Sunday Best – Love

Sunday Best is a curated list of articles I’ve read over the past week or so that I find enlightening, educational or just plain interesting. This week’s focus is on love, relationships and the dating game—all of which I’ve always struggled with. Enjoy!

The mating game is changing

You know how you think that it’s a man’s world when it comes to dating? Tinder, hook-ups, no commitment, few return phone calls or second dates? Turns out you were right and you weren’t imaging things, according to Psychology Today. It’s all because males are currently in short supply. Dating is a supply and demand activity, and the non-abundance of males means they are dictating the terms of market engagement i.e. the stereotypical fling-seeking cad.

Replace “should” with “want”

Assuming that you have managed to avoid the stereotypical fling-seeking cad and do actually go on dates with a potential special someone, how can you make it a better experience? Well, according to lifehacker, the secret is to replace “should” with “want”. Using “should” means that you are meeting others’ expectations (i.e. I should date a rich [insert profession here]) while using “want” means you are more in touch with what you want in the romance department (i.e. I want someone who is kind and has a nice smile).

Is this just friendship… or something more?

In my young and foolish days, I often confused misconstrued friendliness with romantic interest. Many was the time that I made a complete fool out of myself chasing a romantic dream because I couldn’t tell the difference. I would have actually saved myself a lot of grief if I simply just invested in the friendship and valued it rather than turning it into something romantic straight off. Where were you when I needed you, Psychology Today?

You don’t owe nobody nothin’

Yes, I know the heading is terrible English. But what’s more terrible is going through life thinking that you owe people stuff. Or that people owe you stuff. I see it happen all the time in relationships, where people stay because they feel they owe someone something, or someone owes them something. Life’s too short.

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