Social media is exhausting!

There is a line out of the movie He’s Just Not That Into You that resonated with me.  It went something along the lines of that you have to keep checking a whole lot of different portals just to get rejected and it’s exhausting!

While I’m not getting rejected, I do think keeping up with all the social media is quite an effort.  Here’s an inventory of all my online stuff that I’ve got to keep checking and updating on a regular basis – some more than others:

  • Blogs – three of them
  • Websites -two of them
  • Facebook – one personal page, three group pages and one fan page
  • LinkedIn (not so regular)
  • Digg
  • Technorati (not so regular)
  • Delicious (not so regular)
  • YouTube (not so regular)
  • Twitter – two of them
  • MySpace – two of them
  • Online newsletters – one of them.

How do I get time to even have a life?  Thank God I’m not on any online dating sites – that would be more time I’d have to spend looking at screens!


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  1. Oh how true. I have less than a quarter of the online commitments you do and I can’t keep up. Social networking sites such as Facebook do make it easier to keep abreast of what’s going in the lives of your friends, family and acquaintances, which is a gift I am thankful for – but I wonder if we’re sacrificing quality for quantity. As ridiculous as this may sound, while these sites carry with them the promise of making social contact more efficient and being a wonderful tool for the social but time poor, I’ve now added feeling like a bad Facebook friend to the list of other things in my life that are neglected in favour of work and study. On that depressing note, I’m off to google how to construct a log cabin so that I may fashion myself a little house in a forest, grow veggies and have no electricity – William Gilbert would be unimpressed.

    1. You are right, Sarah, it is a commitment… glad I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment because I don’t know how I would find the time for that sort of real life commitment when my online presence requires so much of my time!

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