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Running With Sisters – Michelle Hanlin

Michelle Hanlin is 44 years young and lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She is partnered with five children and lots of pets, and works as a registered nurse/nurse educator and consumer advisor. In amongst all this, Michelle still finds time to run, is an active member the trail running community and loves supporting other runners.

1. At what age did you start running?

I was 41, almost 42.

2. Why did you start running?

A shoulder injury had forced me to give up paddling and netball. I was sitting on my butt and getting fat!

3. How did you approach running when you first started?

I joined Step Into Life outdoor group personal training.

4. What was hard about running when you first started?

All of it! Breathing, cadence, shoes, clothing, breathing, timing, posture and breathing!

5. Why did you continue running in the beginning?

I enjoyed the company I was with… that kept me motivated to continue.

6. When do you usually run? Why at this time/times?

I run of mix of times. Whatever works with running buddies and fits in with family and work.

7. What’s your weekly running schedule?

I run three or four times during the week, with a longer run on the weekend. I try for a hills session, do speed work and easy runs. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way!

8. Do you run with a friend, in a group or solo? Why?

I prefer to run with at least one buddy. I can run further and I find it easier with company.

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9. Are you a member of any online running groups or forums? If so, what are the benefits of being involved?

Yes! They are great support. You know you are doing ok. You get to find out about events and carpooling details for trail runs.

michelle hanlin heysen 105 running with sisters
Michelle running the Heysen 105 in essential running gear: a school uniform!

10. Where do you run? What’s your preference and why?

I prefer trails or along the beach esplanade (not on sand). Nature is so good for mental health. I have never actually used a treadmill!

11. What obstacles or challenges have you had to overcome with your running?

Injuries. The last two were goodies… I was out for three months both times. Finding money for gear and events can sometimes be an obstacle.

12. What are your running goals over the next year or so?

There are three weeks until Run Larapinta (it’s a 140km through West MacDonnell ranges, near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory). Then there’s Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon, and Heysen 105. I’ll assess how I’m going (or not, as the case may be) after that.

(These responses were collected last year and Michelle completed these events. She’ll have to find new running goals! Ed.)

13. Is there anyone in particular who inspires you to keep running, or inspires you as a runner?

Not one person in particular. I have a great neighbour and a close little group of running buddies, but any positive people inspire me.

14. What are your favourite two running items, or running items that you can’t do without? Why?

My Hoka One One running shoes and sports bra.

15. What do you love about running?

I’ve lost weight, gained fitness and met new people. It keeps me sane!

16. What advice would you give to anyone new to running, or thinking about taking it up?

Just get out there and do it!

Running with Sisters is a guest post series that provides running advice, inspiration and motivation to women of all running abilities, ages and weight. If you’d like to tell your story, just fill out the interview questions on this form and I’ll schedule you in.

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