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Lorita Sasikin is 44 and lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She works full-time as a HR Systems Specialist for Capgemini. Lorita is single.

Lorita Sasikin Running With Sisters
Lorita Sasikin is a woman who loves her running. Look at that happy, smiling face!

1. At what age did you start running?

I was 25 years old.

2. Why did you start running?

I was living in Sydney with my flatmate and she had started going for morning walks at 6 a.m. and I decided to join her. As we got fitter, we started to incorporate a bit of running. Also, I used to go for walks around Centennial Park and this girl ran past me. I say ran but she was doing such a slow pace I thought: I can do that! and so I started to run, increasing the distance each time until I was able to run the entire Centennial Park circuit.

3. How did you approach running when you first started?

Definitely the run/walk approach. I also enrolled with SARRC Start Running just because I wanted to get better at it.

4. What was hard about running when you first started?

Breathing, and getting the momentum going, and getting a rhythm happening.

5. Why did you continue running in the beginning?

I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I have completed a half-marathon. This is the longest single distance that I have run. Years ago, I never even dreamed of running 21 kms!

6. When do you usually run? Why at this time/times?

I always prefer mornings because it’s the perfect temperature for me. Nice and cool, plus if you’re running with friends, it’s nice to go for breakfast or a coffee afterwards.

7. What’s your weekly running schedule?

It’s very ad hoc at the moment. I have started doing trail runs on a Sunday morning. Once the weather fines up a bit and it’s lighter in the morning, I will aim to run a couple of times during to week. I have struggled with motivation during winter.

8. Do you run with a friend, in a group or solo? Why?

I do run solo; however, I always prefer to run with a friend or group as it helps with my motivation and I just find it so much more enjoyable.

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9. Are you a member of any online running groups or forums? If so, what are the benefits of being involved?

YUMmy chicks (Ed: since 2016, YUMmy chicks has become YUM Social Runs so the blokes can join in the fun) and Chicks Who Run. I find them to be a very supportive and encouraging group and they celebrate each other’s achievements. They are also good for hints and tips on running gear. I recently purchased some Injinji running socks that had been recommended on a running forum and they are great.

10. Where do you run? What’s your preference and why?

I always prefer outdoor scenic runs. Have really been enjoying my Sunday trail runs through the Adelaide Hills but as summer approaches, I will do beach runs at Semaphore along the Esplanade, or run from Henley to Grange and back. There are so many benefits to running outdoors: it’s more scenic, lots of fresh air and you can enjoy the sunshine and get some vitamin D. It makes you feel more alive.

11. What obstacles or challenges have you had to overcome with your running?

At the moment it’s motivation, but I am slowly getting back into it.

12. What are your running goals over the next year or so?

I am seriously considering doing next year’s Yurrebilla Ultra. I’d like to join the YUMmy Chicks on more trail runs. They seem to be such a supportive group and with a run/walk approach, so if I prepare myself fitness-wise I think I can do it. My focus will be just to finish. I’m totally not concerned about times. I’ve always considered myself a slow runner, but for me it’s all about participation and having a go.

13. Is there anyone in particular who inspires you to keep running, or inspires you as a runner?

My friend Diane Lee (Ed: aw shucks!) who I met through Start Running. From initially working towards running 5 kms, she is now running long distances and has a couple of half marathons under her belt. I love seeing ordinary people achieve extraordinary things.

14. What are your favourite two running items, or running items that you can’t do without? Why?

My Kathmandu running tights. I have been wearing them for years and I love them. They are supportive around the waist, don’t slip down and the fabric is a bit more heavy duty. You also need a good sports bra.

15. What do you love about running?

It’s free, you can do it anywhere, it’s a great cardio work out, and it gets your heart racing. There are lots of running events to register for so you can always set yourself new goals.

16. What advice would you give to anyone new to running, or thinking about taking it up?

Believe in yourself. You are capable of far more than you think. SARRC Start Running (Ed: or any other start running group) is a great place to start.

Running with Sisters is a guest post series that provides running advice, inspiration and motivation to women of all running abilities, ages and weight. If you’d like to tell your story, just fill out the interview questions on this form and I’ll schedule you in.

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  1. Great to know that Lorita is well. If you’d pass on a message to her: Dianne and I stayed with Dawn at Wadborough in 2015 and again last year. She asked if I’d heard from Lorita recently; sadly, no. However, I’ll pass on the good news. — Walter

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