New Year, new job

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I love starting a new job. Everything is fresh. New people to play with, a new location to explore, new tasks and activities to get done. New skills to learn. It makes my brain zing with anticipation and excitement. I embrace mobility. I am essentially a Generation Y in a Generation X body (although some will argue that I am quite likely a baby boomer).

Not everyone is comfortable with starting again, though. They prefer the familiar. Same people, same location, same-ish tasks and activities. And that’s ok, as long as I am not measured by that yardstick. We are all different, and in any work environment, there is room for the stayers and goers. Both are equally important to organisational life.

In fact, my main goal for permanency in government was to be transient. To work on specific projects for 6 – 18 months, and then move on and up. I am thrilled to announce that this plan is coming to fruition, and I start work in the New Year on a new project in another government department. I am going to back to my first love, corporate communication, and I am overjoyed to be using my Masters degree.

And, as I mentioned to a colleague the other day, it will  be nice to be paying HECS on something I’m actually using.

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  1. Congrats Di! I also love the promise of staying fresh by meeting and doing new things regularly which probably explains why I loved temping in Sydney for several years in my former life. I think It’s time I got out into the real world again and did more of that 😉

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