My first guest post!

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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have my guest postpublished on Sukh Pabial’s Thinking About Learning blog. Sukh is a learning and development practitioner based in the UK.

I know Sukh on Twitter as @naturalgrump and I stumbled across him when I was searching for learning and development professionals and thought leaders. Sukh and I tweet each other just about every day now, sometimes about learning and development, but most times not.

The other day, Sukh kindly opened up his blog to guest bloggers to write about their biggest learning in life, and I put up my hand. I subscribe to his blog, and knew that my writing style would complement his. I am pleased to say that it was a very worthwhile experience. The feedback via Twitter and Sukh’s blog about my post has been very positive.

So please, do yourselves a favour and visit Thinking About Learning, have a nosy around and subscribe. Even if you aren’t working in the L&D area, you’ll still find that what Sukh writes about is very interesting.

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