My blogging strategy for 2012

I need me a blogging strategy!

I’m a communications professional. Just about everything I do in my job revolves around the strategic questions of: what do we want to achieve? How do we get there? And how do we know we’ve been successful? It seems only fair that I apply a goal-setting strategy to my blog for 2012. So here goes.

1. What do I want to achieve in 2012?

1.1 Grow my readers and followers by 100%

I have a few hundred readers. Some subscribe via email, some follow on WordPress. Some are attracted via Twitter, a few via Facebook. I would like a few hundred more. A thousand or so by the end of the year would be rather nice.

1.2 Turn my blog/s into eBooks

With all the eReaders and tablets being sold, people are consuming content like there’s no tomorrow. And they are willing to pay for it. Lucky for me, I am content creator. I just need to have enough content to start pulling it all together into eBooks.

1.3 Sell a gazillion copies of my eBooks

Everyone that has ever mucked around with SMART goals will say that a gazillion isn’t, well, SMART. I beg to differ. I think that aiming to sell a gazillion eBooks is very smart. The thing is: this is uncharted territory and selling a gazillion eBooks on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for .99c is much better than selling 100 or 1000 printed books at $29.99.

2. How do I get there?

2.1 Write, write and write; and every day, if I can

Done, doing and will do.

2.2 Cross promote

There are a number of tactics that I can use promote my blog/s, and have started to use. Twitter is an excellent vehicle, and I have found a number of loyal readers there. Facebook is limited, of course (unless you have a Page and actively promote it). I have registered on My Blog Guest to begin the guest blogging process. I know should be more proactive on StumbleUpon. And despite assurances to the contrary, I’m yet to be convinced of the merits of commenting on other people’s blogs, but am willing to give it a go.

2.3 Learn all I can about ePublishing and marketing eBooks

I love that I can completely bypass publishers and agents and distributors and just do it all myself. Sure, it may be labour intensive, but my feeling is it can be very rewarding in all senses of the word. I am a marcomms professional, so the marketing side of things should be relatively easy for me. And there is lots of information out there. Do you know that eBook authors keep more of their profits than traditional authors (well-known authors excepted of course)? Why wouldn’t you give it a red hot crack?

3. How do I know I’ve been successful?

3.1 My blog followers, subscribers and views increase

Stands to reason, of course.

3.2 I sell a gazillion eBooks in 2012 and beyond

And this will attract more readers to my blog. And eBooks. Vicious cycle, really.

3.3 I can make a decent living from writing


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  1. I’ve increased my readership by 12 percent in two months (now up to 566), partly because I devote at least an hour — by following tags that personally interest me (from women to art to architecture) — almost every single day seeking blogs to comment on. It’s annoyingly time-consuming, and far too many blogs are an utter waste of navel-gazing time, but it’s the only way I know of to show people that I’m out there and find them interesting — which is what I want from them! I leave a funny or thoughtful comment, nothing generic.

    We blog because, on whatever level, we want attention for our ideas and insights. Only by genuinely giving it to others can we attract it.

    I, too, write for a living (journalist/author) but I have no illusion that people read me for that reason. I do, like you, have the professional advantage of knowing how to write well, quickly and clearly, but it’s about content. The ‘net seems to be all about voice and much less about authority or standard forms of credentiallng.

    I blogged about this today. It might (?) be useful…

    1. Great post, Caitlin. Thank you for sharing. My feeling is that good, compelling writing shines and gets the attention it deserves. Sure anyone can blog and self publish, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good. The blogs and eBooks that will do well over time will be those that are written well.

  2. Keep dropping in on other blogs and introduce yourself. It helped me promote my Op Shop Diva blog and connect with like minded bloggers and community. Find a niche and go from there. ie SA writers, e-book writers, self publishers and so forth. The SA Writers Centre which I am a member of, often host self publishing workshops. Also, be active in the Writers Festival scene, I often do as it helps me get myself and my work out there.

    Just like you, I am still in the midst of writing a book. I have every faith, that it will come to pass, and wish you much blessings and well for your book project too. Am sure you will realise your dream too my friend!

    Kamini xx

  3. I myself am a blogger and find this one exactly reflects my thoughts. I will also take these steps in this year and also intend to develop a consistent style of writing. One style which the reader easily can identify is mine. 🙂

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