Love & Other Stuff has been born!

Love & Other Stuff - Part 1 - Broken Heart - Diane LeeAfter a short incubation and a long labor*, I am pleased to announce the birth of the Love & Other Stuff series.

Lauded by pundits** as being potentially one of the great non-fiction classics of our time, Part 1 – Broken Heart Stuff documents the unravelling of my relationship with the Italian, and the ensuing struggle to salvage my crumbling life from the ruins. In other words: an uplifting, inspiring, car-crash kind of read.

On presale now, Part 1 – Broken Heart Stuff will be live in the Amazon store on February 14, just in time for Single Awareness Day aka Valentine’s Day.

So please buy my book! At .99c, it’s an absolute steal.

*I had some minor cover issues, but they are sorted now.

**May or may not be true, and if I were you, I’d err on the side of not 😉

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