The Covert Narcissist’s Playbook

The Story of How I Was Groomed for Narcissistic Abuse in Vietnam

A covert narcissist exposed: this is what emotional abuse and coercive control looks like

No one goes into a relationship expecting to be a victim of emotional abuse and coercive control. Diane Lee certainly didn’t.

Ten months after meeting her handsome Vietnamese partner in Hanoi, she was in a very dark place. She had learned—to her horror—that he was a covert narcissist and he had been manipulating and emotionally abusing her since the start of their relationship. She knew there was something wrong, but she ignored the red flags, thinking the issues were hers. She understood much later that this self-doubt is exactly how people with covert narcissistic personality disorder groom their victims.

The traits of a covert narcissist

This is mini-memoir is written from two perspectives: before Diane discovered her seemingly kind and reliable partner was a covert narcissist, and after. An honest and courageous account of a dangerous and confusing nightmare, this memoir is a first hand account of how covert narcissists think, their traits and the damaging effects of narcissism, manipulation and coercive control on your spirit.

Recovery from covert narcissistic abuse

If you’re in a relationship and you believe your partner is a covert narcissist and you’re suffering passive aggressive coercive control and emotional abuse, this memoir will prove that you can heal and move on with your life.

You too can be narcissist free.

Please note: this books contains a graphic sex scene, told in context to explain what a narcissistic person is like and how covert narcissists think.