Why blogging scares the pants off me

blogging is scaryOne of the best things about NaNoWriMo and NaNoBloPoMo is that I am blogging again. I am posting something new just about every day. But blogging scares the pants off me. It’s scary to put your writing out there on such an immediate (on so many levels) and global platform. Here’s why:

What if I can’t find anything to write about?

I am always worried – needlessly it seems – that I’ll run out of things to say.  I have readers and subscribers who expect me to write. And I expect me to write. What if I wake up one morning and the well is dry?

What if I write crap?

I can only write from my perspective or point of view. I write my story, as I see it, as I process it. But what if the stories I tell are not actually not as significant or interesting as I think they are? What then?

What if I have said too much?

What if a potential employer (or boyfriend or future husband) reads my blog and thinks “I ain’t touching that! This girl is trouble!” Is it my problem or theirs that I put myself and my thoughts out there, and what I say is misinterpreted or misused?

What if people HATE what I write?

A life coach (don’t laugh) that I went to once said: “What people think of you is not your business”. But what if something I write – or just my blog in general – gets up someone’s nose? And they attack my blog? In their hundreds? Or thousands? Or millions? It happened a couple of years ago on a professional blog I was writing (only in the hundreds), and that experience left quite a nasty taste in my mouth. I was nearly scarred for life. Nearly.

What if people pick on my grammar and spelling?

It does happen. And when I write from my iPhone and post to my blog direct (without an intervening medium like a Word document on a PC) errors occur. I have gone back to posts, seen the errors, and cringed.

What if my blog becomes world famous?

What if I get to actually do this (blogging and writing) for a living? Then I’d really have to step things up! I’d really have to deliver… and I’d be even more of a ‘fraidy cat than I already am! But I guess this is a case of being careful what you what you wish for… and I’m sure I could deal with it.

… so please, please Gods of All That Is Fair And Reasonable And Right In The World, make it happen!

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  1. “What if people pick on my grammar and spelling?” I get that from time to time, actually, probably every blog i’ve ever done is riddled with mistakes but thats me and whilst some folks see grammar as having to be spotless – perfect, i dont have that same enthusiasm. Glad we are all different.

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