Review: launch of The Big Slapple

This is the second Adelaide Fringe where I’ve been lucky enough to be a reviewer. Last year I saw some amazing drama through #TweetsforSeats, which was a PR initiative of CIT. This year, I’m doing the same sort of thing, but for Adelaide Art Beat.

Tonight, I went to the launch of The Big Slapple, a cabaret slash comedy venue set up in Regattas Bistro in the Adelaide Convention Centre, located on the gorgeous Riverbank Precinct. It’s a tad difficult to write a review, given that it wasn’t really a show. What I will say is: finger food was fab (the burgers were awesome), the wine plentiful, the beautiful people were out in droves and the venue was lovely. But I do have pictures 😉

Adelaide Fringe Big Slapple
All the information you need...
Adelaide Fringe Big Slapple
The view looking up...
Adelaide Fringe Big Slapple
The beautiful people...
Adelaide Fringe Big Slapple
More beautiful people....
Adelaide Fringe Big Slapple
The entertainment...
Adelaide Fringe Big Slapple
The awesome burgers...
Adelaide Fringe Big Slapple
Emma Hack's artwork...

I was made to feel very welcome at the launch, and it was a fun evening because a few of my favourite Twitter people were there. I also made some new friends and connections. So if you are down that end of town, and want to do something Fringey, give The Big Slapple a whirl.

What have you got to lose?

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