Announcing a new short story competition!

Did you know that I’m a judge for a short story competition, specifically for eBook Me Up’s Short Story Competition? No? Well, you do now.

I met Cassie—the bright spark behind the competition—during my KindleIn30 Challenge.  She was also one of my beta readers for Broken Heart Stuff. Cassie had the idea of using participants from the Challenge as judges and when she did a call-out, I raised my hand. After all, I’ve never been a judge—unless you count my teaching days where I judged all my students’ work!

Anyway, I’ll let Cassie explain what it’s all about:

Why have a short story contest? My obvious response is why not? I’ve entered a few and participated in prompts on other web sites. It’s fun and gives writers other opportunities with practice and exposure. I wanted to do something to contribute back outside of my own personal blog. I had the idea of a contest some time ago, but really no idea in terms of ‘how to’.

I took the Kindle in 30 Challenge course with Kristen Eckstein (aka The Book Ninja) this past January and found my path from my first inkling of this idea. eBook Me Up was born and the contest was launched with some great support. I wanted to have a variety of judges to support this contest. I was able to meet others through the course and also approached a few outside of it. Ta Da! I had a bona fide contest with judges committed to participating with varying backgrounds. I am thrilled about the judges, what an experience for me as well!

My goal to provide an opportunity for writers to get exposure in a epublication that showcases the top 10 best short stories was born. The judges have been instrumental in building the contest by providing good ideas and direction from their more experienced hands.

I gave quite a bit of thought to the prizes for the contest, and all coming out of my pocket for this first investment. I added cash prizes for the top 3 winners along with epublication showcases. The top ten will be published.  Also what better way to have a great anthology for all who submit to participate as well.

I began to think about how to keep this going. I didn’t want a one show pony, so then my light bulb moment happened as the entry fee supports the contest, the sale of the eBook via Amazon will support future contests.

Early bird registrations end soon, so get writing people! Go to the eBook Me Up Short Story Competition page for all the information you need about entering this exciting contest, and—of course!—the prizes.

Good luck!

And no, I can’t be bribed.

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    Meet one of the Judges in my Short Story Contest and a little ditty about how it came about! Early Bird submissions $5.00 ends this month. All submitters get a copy of the eBook anthology, plus a shot to win $200! Deadline for entry is May 31,2015.

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