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A  Game of Thrones
A Game of Thrones: all about power and trust and chaos and opportunism

Earlier this week I explained why I thought Easter kicked Christmas’s butt.  Today is Good Friday, and it has been a good day indeed. After going for a quick 3km run this morning (I wanted to run 5, but my knee played up at the 2km mark), I had @Boo_Squared over for lunch (I had promised her Nigella Lawson’s slut spaghetti), then settled in for an afternoon watching Game of Thrones (she had read the book and I told her she must watch the series).

I first watched this series over Christmas in a TV binge. In two days, I had made my way through the entire season. If you haven’t seen it, I can categorically state that it is one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.  Ever. And I like it for so many reasons. The production values are excellent (no expense has been spared), the characters (and casting) are so believably flawed, the story is oozes suspense and intrigue, the writing is just spot-on. But most of all I love how it’s a story about power and trust. And this intrigues and resonates with me, because I believe power (and its abuse or non-existence) and trust (and betrayal)  are themes that underpin, impact and are a catalyst for all human relationships.

Suffice it to say, I will be exploring this theme further. I put the call out on Twitter today and have asked a number of eminent people to contribute to the theme of trust on this blog (power will follow) and give me their take on it. It’s an open brief, so I am not sure what will be written. All I can do is guarantee it will be worth checking out.

And to whet your appetite, here is @Boo_Squared‘s take on trust (and I absolutely agree):

Stay tuned, readers!

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  1. Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter. I haven’t watched “Game of Thrones”. I’m not exactly sure why. However, there is no time like the present.

    Regarding trust and power, some would say that would be an oxymoron. The question would be; can they actually coexist. I can ‘t wait to hear more.

    1. That is an excellent question, Susan, and I’m eager to find out the answer as well. Watch Game Of Thrones and you will see why power and trust and the way these themes are so skillfully woven is such an intriguing juxtaposition. Happy Easter to you too!

  2. I would have to agree with Susan. They say power corrupts. It may be that if you can wield power while being trustworthy you have truly reached greatness. I will have to check out ‘Game of Thrones’.

    1. Cheryl, do watch Game Of Thrones. It is excellent storytelling around archetypes, and gripping… very gripping. Be warned though: you won’t be able to stop at one episode! It’s highly addictive TV.

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