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The Diane Lee Project, which has been going in its present iteration since 2009, is quite comprehensive in nature. I write about many different topics and subjects including, love, relationships, work and family. I feature guest bloggers for The Secret Lives of Writers, and I publish interviews with inspiring female runners for Running With Sisters.

As well as writing essays, I also offer a range of freelance services, including writing, editing, and advice and assistance with self-publishing. It’s important that you know about these!

I have, therefore, created this Start Here page to help you find and access the best content on The Diane Lee Project.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Blog content

My favourite posts

I have been blogging since the internet was born… or so it seems. For your reading pleasure, I’ve collated my favourite posts from across the years in one spot.

Click here to go to my Favourite Posts page.

Being brave

I have a reputation for being brave, particularly with my writing. This page has links to all my best and bravest essays. They are mostly about men, love and relationships, but there’s some family stuff in there too.

Click here to go to my Being Brave page.

The Secret Lives of Writers

The Secret Lives of Writers is a series where writers guest post about how they juggle life—for example, family commitments, ADHD, and distractions like having to earn a living—and their art. This series will end up as an ebook… so stay tuned!

Click here to go to my Secret Lives of Writers page.

Running With Sisters

I run. I love running. And I run with a bunch of other cool girls who love running too. But running isn’t easy and Running With Sisters is a series of inspirational interviews with female runners of all ages and abilities.

Click here to go to my Running With Sisters page.

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