You can turn disgruntled workers into happy employees. Delicious Consulting can show you how.

The true cost of disgruntled workers

We all know that disgruntled workers affect more than your bottom line. Not only are they unproductive, unmotivated and toxic (I know… I’ve been one!), they also cost you valuable customers and clients.

Don’t believe me? Then read these articles:

So how do you fix your unhappy employees?

Many businesses and organisations try to fix their unhappy worker problem with a whole bunch of organisation development (OD) programs. While any organisation that invests in these programs is to be commended, these OD programs are often a waste of time, energy and money.

The reason? You could be trying to fix a problem with the wrong solution, and this could be doing your business or organisation more harm than good.

Often the data you need to turn disgruntled workers into happy employees is usually right under your nose.

That’s right!

The data you need to design organisation development programs that are effective and will work is generally only a couple of mouse clicks away.

Designing tailored, cost-effective strategies

And this is where Delicious Consulting comes in. Using your business data, I design tailored, cost-effective organisation development strategies that will make your organisation or business a better place to work. And this includes your remote, freelance and temp or contract workers, who are increasingly becoming part of the workplace fabric.

Why Delicious Consulting?

Even though I have a Master of Arts in Communication Management, I have worked in corporate learning and organisation development for almost 10 years, including teaching strategic HR at tertiary level. I have crafted organisation development strategies based on real business data. I have never been a fan of the “cross your fingers and hope” approach to employee happiness. This approach is doomed to fail.

I also started a PhD, investigating the concept of meritocracy and the advancement of women in large organisations, and I am in the process of releasing my literature review as a book.

And I write a lot about work and organisational culture.

Want to know more?

If you want happy workers (and therefore happy customers and clients!) and improve your bottom line, please reach out. I’d love to have a no obligation chat with you over Skype, so just email me to arrange a time.

In the meantime, here are 3 things you can do NOW to fix your workplace culture.

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