I'm currently volunteering in Vietnam, which explains why I've been quiet of late.

In my last post waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of November, I mentioned that I would be in Vietnam for at least three months, volunteering at KOTO, a social enterprises that trains poor and disadvantaged youth in hospitality.

My reasons for being here have been well documented, but for those of you who want the Reader’s Digest version, it goes something like this: I visited Vietnam in 2010, and as part of the tour I was on, we ate lunch at KOTO. I was so impressed, that I vowed to come back one day and volunteer. That day is now. I also wanted to take my life in a different direction because I was stagnating and bored and undervalued and unappreciated in my job, and “running away” to Vietnam to volunteer seemed like the answer to the question I was asking myself at the time: Surely there’s more to life than this shit?

One month has passed, and I have been busy getting on with life in Hanoi. I’ve been blogging over at Travelling Homebody, but thought I would cross-post here, just in case anyone was a) wondering why I was quiet and b) hasn’t subscribed to my travel blog.

I’ve also been busy writing: novels short stories (of the erotic variety!) and courses and memoirs and essays and taking online courses and such.

So while I have been quiet here, I haven’t been resting on my laurels!

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You’re welcome!

Why I’ve been quiet lately…

Diane Lee

Diane Lee is a fifty-something Australian author who quit her secure government job in 2016 because she was dying of boredom and wanted an adventure. Taking a risk and a volunteering job, she escaped to Hanoi, Vietnam and hasn’t regretted it. At all. Diane now works part-time for a social enterprise, and as freelance writer and editor. One day she hopes to marry a red-headed Irish or Scottish man named Stan.

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