time now
Time passes anyway… you might as well spend it working on something NOW that you enjoy!

This page has been inspired by Derek Sivers who always has people asking him what he’s doing and what he’s working on.

According to Derek, a Now page serves a few purposes. It is a:

  • reminder if a refocus is needed
  • public declaration of priorities
  • way to politely say no.

So here’s what I’m working on:

Writing and publishing now:

  • Publishing Love & Brave Acts as a series of “proper” books (because people have been asking me) – in progress – I just have to do the cover!
  • Rewriting the second draft of my novel My Father’s Wife (I’ll be doing that in Bali in November 2015 and January 2016) – in progress – I’m still working on the first draft, but I wrote 25,000 in Bali in January
  • Continuing to build my brand as an author and reach as a writer (I’ve been accepted as a blogger for the Huffington Post and I now post to Medium).

Location independent income now:

  • Write a business plan for each of my websites – in progress – just need to apply the learnings of a couple of webinar and workshops  I’ve attended recently
  • Researching ways to monetize my blogs/web sites – in progress – I have a tonne of Udemy courses to get through
  • Learning SEO (so I can offer a comprehensive writing and editing service) – in progress – see above
  • Research investment strategies to build more passive income.

Health and fitness now:

  • Get lean! This is an ongoing thing…

Completed now items:

  • Publishing Love & Other Stuff as an ebook box set – I’m in the process of rebranding Love & Other Stuff as Love & Other Brave Actscompleted April 2016
  • Setting up Delicious Publishing as a standalone website – completed December 2015
  • Researching writing and editing rates – completed December 2015.
  • Joining a gym to work on my power (I’m already fit, but I need to get leaner and build some more muscle mass) – completed, and now in progress December 2015
  • Building HIIT into my running regime – I’ve incorporated HIIT into my gym routine via interval training on the treadmill.
  • Clean up my eating even more (good-bye chocolate, sugar and more meat) – completed November 2015, and in maintenance mode. Since June 2016, pork as gone the way of beef and lamb as in out of my diet.


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