Looking for a copywriter for your next project?

Your search is over. You’ve found your copywriter. It’s me. Yes, me!

And this little video explains why you should hire me for your next copywriting or editing project.

Oodles of experience and high standards

I’m a freelance copywriter with oodles of experience, high standards and someone who can work across different writing and editing projects.

For more of an overview of what I can help you with, go to my Services page.

Get in touch

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Hire a copywriter – me!

Diane Lee

Diane Lee is a fifty-something Australian author who quit her secure government job in 2016 because she was dying of boredom and wanted an adventure. Taking a risk and a volunteering job, she escaped to Hanoi, Vietnam and hasn’t regretted it. At all. Diane now works part-time for a social enterprise, and as freelance writer and editor. One day she hopes to marry a red-headed Irish or Scottish man named Stan.

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