An ending and a beginning for Diane Lee on her Freedom Road journey.

This year, I have been undergoing a transformation… a me-change, if you will. And this series, which I’ve titled Freedom Road, documents that transition, which essentially involves moving from a less corporate to a more freelance lifestyle. And having a bit of a gap year, which involves travelling to Vietnam…. and beyond!

I originally wrote these posts for WFA.Life, but have republished them here so they are in one place for my readers.

As an aside, I would love you to visit WFA.Life. Andy Willis and his sister, Karen, are doing some marvellous things inspiring others to work from anywhere. The site has lots of tools and resources to help you, as well as lots of wonderful stories from other people who are, like me, moving to a more freeing kind of working life.

My Freedom Road journey is an ongoing one… and will probably continue as long as I draw breath.

#1 – The adventure begins

#2 – Oops! I’m still making mistakes

#3 – The time/freedom paradox

#4 – The power of one

#5 – It’s only a matter of time

#6 – Taking stock and moving forward

#7 – An ending… and a beginning.

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