Diane Lee tells her brave stories of personal growth and development.

I’m so glad you found The Diane Lee Project

You may have landed here via social media or my books. Or maybe a friend referred you. Or maybe you did a Google search and found me that way. Irrespective of how you got here, I want you to feel at home, so this post will give you a bit of an overview of what my blog is all about. You can also go to my Start hereAbout me or Latest news pages if you want to know more.

The Diane Lee Project can best be described as a collection of personal growth essays and posts that document my insights, views and experiences and those of other bloggers who guest post for me.

This blog has been going (in various forms) since around 2006, and it is the basis for my non-fiction book series Love & Other Brave Acts. You can get the first book in the series—Collection 1: The Break Up Diaries—on my Free books page.

I write about whatever interests me or whatever is topical or whatever I want to get off my chest at any given point in time. Some posts take weeks to craft, others are fired off quite quickly.  In the words of Joan Didion: I don’t know what I think until I write it down.

At its essence, The Diane Lee Project is about personal growth and bravery: mine, and hopefully yours.

I post regularly (at least once a fortnight) except when I’m travelling, which is when I post to my travel blog, Travelling Homebody.

I would strongly encourage you to join my email list. That way you’ll never miss a post. You’ll also get 20 of My Favourite Essays free as a thank you.

Personal growth through brave writing

People have said that my writing is brave. I like to think I am honest, thoughtful and authentic. I write about painful things, things that people think but don’t often say. I write raw and with feeling. If that constitutes brave, then I’ll take it!

I encourage you to leave comments on the posts that resonate with you, and if you really like a post and want to thank me for writing it, feel free to buy me a martini or two as a thank you. Just check the sidebar to the right and you’ll see the glass.

So look around The Diane Lee Project and enjoy your stay.

I guarantee you’ll find something awesome to read.

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