Missing home #52essays2017 #Essay16

Rundle Mall, Adelaide

For the first time since arriving in Vietnam  seven — almost eight — months ago, I am missing home. It’s not for any one particular reason, because I am happy here. Or I was, and I still am. It’s this

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Why I love Vietnam #52essays2017 #Essay15

I love Vietnam - Halong Bay - Diane Lee

I am often asked by people in Australia why I love Vietnam. The answer is easy: it’s because life here is so easy. It’s easy living. It’s easy to find work. It’s easy to get around. It’s easy to form

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On learning a new language #52essays2017 #Essay14

Learning a new language - Vietnamese - Diane Lee

After only a few days in Hanoi, it was painfully obvious that I needed to learn Vietnamese. I could say thank you, and hello (learned from when I was here in 2010) but it wasn’t nearly enough. Clearly. Without Vietnamese,

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All my children #52essays2017 #Essay13

All my children - Diane Lee

I have one daughter, but I always wanted more children. I loved being pregnant, of feeling my baby shift and move and wriggle and squirm. I loved being heavy and swollen, my body adjusting itself to accommodate the life growing

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Reorganising my life #52essays2017 #Essay12

I moved to Vietnam for three months. Or so I thought. But this wonderful country, and Hanoi—with its kind people, gorgeous food and easy lifestyle—has stolen my heart. And that doesn’t include the fabulous work opportunities that have come my way.

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On opportunity in Vietnam #52essays2017 #Essay11

Opportunity in Vietnam - Diane Lee

Opportunity (noun) – a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do anything. A few weeks back, I wrote about opportunity in Australia… and how there isn’t any. Not really. Everything is so hard, so difficult in Australia. Too

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On beauty #52essays2017 #Essay10

Beauty is only skin deep

By Western standards, I am not a beauty. My face does not have those fine features nor the synchronicity that is apparently pleasing to the eye. My hair is long and graying, and in a perverse act of rebellion, I

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Silenced #52essays2017 #Essay9

Silenced by men intent on controlling the conversation...

I have never experienced anything like this in my life. Silenced. Being with two expat men—one in particular—who refused to let me speak. Who wanted to shut down every word that came out of my mouth. Who shushed me, telling me

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A close encounter of the delicious kind #52essays2017 #Essay8

In which Diane Lee has a close encounter of the delicious kind...

This weekend, here in Hanoi, I voided an awful sexy times encounter with a Frenchman (aka That French Fucker) that happened at the beginning of 2016. That French Fucker was someone masquerading as a decent, kind and caring man… until I

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On opportunity #52essays2017 #Essay7

Diane Lee writes about the mythical workplace beast of Opportunity.

Opportunity (noun) – a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do anything. In Australian workplaces, there exists a strange, mythological beast. This beast is called Opportunity. Opportunity is a mercurial animal that magically appears in workplaces during times of

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