The Secret Lives of Writers – Kevin Casey

Kevin Casey is The Jet-setting Copywriter—a global wilderness explorer and part-time digital nomad who pays for all his overseas adventures through freelance writing. Born in California, he now lives in Brisbane, Australia. Kevin’s passion is exploring wild, untouched rivers around the globe. He has ventured up pristine tributaries in the Guyana jungle, searched for Kermode bears […]

Free ebook to inspire you to win NaNoWriMo

Free to download during national novel writing month! As far as I am concerned—if you register and write—you win NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) even if you don’t make 50,000 words. No questions asked! And I say that because I know writing is one of the most difficult things anyone can do. Life—and all that that entails—often […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Melinda Kovac

Melinda Kovac is a writer of short stories, historical fiction, young adult novels and memoir who is working on her first novel. She has been blogging for a number of years, with her newest blog now at She also has her own copywriting, editing and proofreading business, MKK Communications, should you need any of […]

My Liebster Award

An award for me? Aw, shucks Recently, I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the fabulous Laura Roberts from Buttontapper Press—who was one of my first Secret Lives of Writers guest bloggers—and has become a firm favourite of mine on Facebook. A big, huge thank you, Laura, for nominating me! I have nominated five more bloggers (see […]

The Secret Lives of Writers – Dorothy Distefano

Dorothy Distefano has loved to read since discovering the power of words at four-and-a-half years old with the book, “Ann Likes Red.” Moving to writing was a natural progression, though she took a circuitous route to get there. She has been, in no particular order, a wife, mother, psychiatric RN, gastroenterological nurse, substitute teacher, family […]

On writing

Photo via Visual Hunt. Used with permission. Someone asked me recently, knowing that I was a writer and knowing I wrote mostly non-fiction and knowing that I often wrote about difficult things, whether I wrote for healing. As in, was writing a cathartic way of lancing a few boils? I responded in the negative. And […]