About Diane Lee

Diane Lee is a freelance writer, editor and self published author based in Adelaide, South Australia
Diane Lee is an Australian freelance writer, editor and self published author, based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

My name is Diane Lee and I’m a fifty-something freelance writer, editor and self-published author, originally from Adelaide, South Australia, but currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I have a Master of Arts in Communication Management, and I have spent a large portion of my working life in education, either directly or indirectly. I often end up writing about Australian workplaces because they are an endless source of inspiration.

In Hanoi, I am have found my bliss as freelance writer. Currently, I write for a beautiful expat magazine, a luxury travel brand and for a social enterprise. I am occasionally called on to edit documents that have been translated to English from another language, often Vietnamese.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

If you are interested in hiring me to work on your writing or marketing communications project, contact me and I’d be happy to have a chat.

Self published author

My non-fiction books, the Love & Other Brave Acts series, are primarily based on my personal experiences of love, dating, work and family, and the insights I’ve gained from these experiences.

I also write fiction, and have published a number of short stories, with more to come.

I have a few exciting projects on the go: two memoirs and a full length novel—based on a screenplay I wrote 15 years ago—which is challenging and exciting. My plan is to have the first draft of all three completed by June 2017.

All my books are available from my publishing imprint Delicious Publishing, in the Delicious Publishing Bookstore.

The Diane Lee Project

This website began life as The Diane Lee Project, a blog that I started in 2006 and is the source material for the Love & Other Brave Acts series.

The Diane Lee Project can best be described as a collection of brave personal growth essays and posts that document my insights, views and experiences about life, and those of other bloggers who guest post for me.

I post to The Diane Lee Project at least once a fortnight, so make sure you join my email list so you never miss a post.

My interests

Having recently discovered the three loves of my life—running, travel and photography—I try to devote as much time as I can to each of these endeavours. I’ve run three half marathons since 2014, but have now retired from running long distance events.

At home, I am the mother of a quite sensible, well-behaved daughter, and the employee of a much loved cat. I’m single—and have been more or less so—ever since my heart was broken by the Italian more than 10 years ago.

I also love travelling—and writing about travelling—and taking lots of photos while I travel.

Affiliate links

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have a number of affiliate links on this site. My Diane recommends page has the full list.

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