Diane Lee: writer, blogger, author, photographer

My name is Diane Lee and I’m a blogger, author, editor and content writer currently living in Adelaide, South Australia.

I also love travelling—and writing about travelling—and I take lots of photos while I travel.

This website began life as The Diane Lee Project, a blog that I started in 2006 (also known as a really, really, really long time in internet years) and is the material from which my non-fiction series, Love & Other Brave Acts, is drawn.

The Diane Lee Project can best be described as a collection of brave personal growth essays and posts that document my insights, views and experiences, and those of other bloggers who guest post for me.

As well as The Diane Lee Project, you can also find other awesome stuff on my site, such as:

You can find out more about me on my About page or go to my Start Here page to dive right in.

Latest news

My first Liebster Award

I was super excited to be nominated for a Liebster Award by Laura Roberts from Buttontapper Press. And of course, I accepted!

Visibility on Medium

If you’re on Medium (and if you aren’t, you should be!) you can find me there as well. I curate a publication Vox Virtus… because life isn’t for sissies.

Love & Other Brave Acts box set

Love & Other Brave Acts—the box set—is live in the Kindle store. You can pick up all 6 books in the series for in one anthology for just $4.99.

Writing from anywhere

I’m super excited to announce that I’m a regular writer for WFA.Life. The brain child of brother and sister Andy and Karen Willis, WFA.Life is all about providing tools and inspiration to encourage people to Work From Anywhere (WFA). Keep an eye out for their conference later this year.

I’m a HuffPo blogger

Yes, I know I’m not paid for my contribution, but I care not. For me, it’s purely a brand building exercise. Check out my profile on The Huffington Post here.

Need a content writer?

I’ve added content writing to my list of services. Find out more on my Content Writing Services page.

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